Ongoing Battle with Moss

Do you have annoying moss falling down on to your driveway, decking or patio. This is down to a moss infestation on the roof. Birds knock the moss to eat the bugs underneath & then the wind and rain blows it down on to the patio.

Why should I get moss removed from my roof? As well as looking unsightly, Moss can cause water ingress, damage the tiles, increased weight on the joists & dampness.

If your looking to buy or sell a house this might also be picked up on survey and advised to get the roof cleaned.

We have two options to remove moss

Option 1 – scrape & biocide.
This method is a gentle low impact cleaning method. Its great for fragile or older roofs or for clients that want a more sympathetic look to the clean.

Option 2 – Steam cleaned
As well as removing the moss, lichen & algae’s your roof will be instantly clean & look amazing. This is great if you want instant results, your roof is in good condition & is suitable for steam cleaning.

Our 3 step roof cleaning process.

We access the roof from ether a scaffold tower, mobile lift or from the floor. We divert the gutters to prevent them becoming blocked and also any chemicals entering the water system, sheets are put down to protect any plants or gravelled area. Then using our specialist roof scraping system or steam cleaner we gently remove of the biofilm. We use extendable poles to reach on to the roof.

After the steam clean we apply a commercial grade biocide treatment to prolong the longevity of the finish. If you have opted for the scrape and biocide option the biocide will kill any remaining biofilm on the roof. It will dry on to the surface and over the next 6-12 months you will see the roof lighten towards its original colour. White & yellow lichens will take around 12 months to dissipate.

The final step we clear out the gutters & down pipes on the house and tidy the area around the house of any mess that was created. We can also clean the windows, gutters, fascia & soffits. This will be detailed on your quote if its included.

How long will the biocide last?

This all depends of different factors like if you have trees over hanging the roof, if it north facing, age and condition of the roof & tile material. We would expect around 3-6 years before the first signs of algae growth and then this is the ideal time to apply the biocide again. The re treatment is a cheaper option than the moss removal.

Can you pressure wash a roof?
We don’t use high pressure water to clean roofs. This method can damage the roof. We use a low pressure steam system to gently lift off the biofilm with out damaging the tiles or structure of the roof.

Do I needed to be in when the roof is cleaned?
No you can be out as long as we can get access around the exterior of the property. While the cleaning process is taking place you will need to stay inside and keep pets and children away from the area until we have finished.

What chemicals do you use to clean a roof?
We use a fully licensed produce called Bac50 from Pureseal. It’s a commercial grade biocide and approved by the HSE for use as a biocide for roof cleaning.

Do you have to be trained to clean a roof?
All our staff are fully trained and have completed the Pureseal applicators training. We only use HSE approved biocides. We have full risk assessments, IPAF, PASMS training, & fully insured.