Dirty, Slippery, Moss Filled Patio?

Is your patio green and slippery, covered with moss, black spots or while patches? This is all forms of natural organic growth that can grown on your patio, driveway or stone surfaces.

Here at Cannins Ltd we can provide various cleaning options from pressure washing, soft washing and steam cleaning for all your hard surfaces. We will always come out and visit the property first and do a full assessment of the area to be cleaned. Looking at the overall condition, surface type, any damage that we can repair, if any sealers have been used previously and discuss any questions you may have. We might also do some discreet sample patches to test the surface compound or to check if any sealer has been used before.

If the pointing is loose or damaged, sunken slabs or blocks and cracks in the tarmac. This is not an issue as one of our qualified operator can repair or restore the area in question. This can all be discussed in the quote appointment.

Natural stone cleaning.
Natural stone patios and paths can look beautiful when first put down but can quickly become dirty. We can clean the patio then if required seal the stone to help maintain the appearance for longer. To keep the area looking at its best, a quick sweep then rinse down with a hose every couple of months is all that’s required.

Block paving.
To clean block paving driveways or patios we first might need to apply a weed killer depending of the condition. In the cleaning process we will clear out all the joints of the sand that was in there, and weeds and moss. Once the area is clean and tidy we will return to re-sand the area. We would also recommend getting the driveway sealed. This will set the sand in the gaps and help prevent weeds from coming through. It will also give added protection for any spills that might happen.  To keep the area looking at its best, a quick sweep then rinse down with a hose every couple of months is all that’s required.

We can clean your tarmac surface, repair and cracks or pot holes and then restore the surface with a tarmac restorer.

How can I clean my patio?
By contacting Cannins Ltd you can get a quote to professionally clean your patio by an approved PureSeal applicator. We only use HSE approved cleaning products designed specially to clean your patio or driveway. Depending on the type of surface we are cleaning depends of the chemicals and process we use. Stone like limestone is very easily damaged, and using bleach can cause permanent damage.

Can you clean a patio or driveway without using chemicals?
Yes we can provide a steam clean of the patio or driveway.

Do you need access to water?
Yes our team will need access to a water point. We just need an outside tap with a good water pressure to attached our pipes to. We can for small areas bring 600L of water for steam cleaning. But this is only for a small area.

Can you get black spot out of a patio?
We will deep clean the patio using the appropriate cleaning methods for the surface. But black spot is very hard to remove, persistent pressure washing can also damage the surface. So we get off as much as we can then we apply a biocide treatment to help kill off the black spot. This over time will help to lighten and remove the deeply imbedded black spot. Having the area annually cleaned will help to reduce the black spot.